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A short list of things we didn't expect from a virus outbreak

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

No matter how closely you watched 'Contagion' the mass outbreak of the Corona Virus has created some unusual and unexpected results.

A Significant cut to Chinese carbon emissions, with a 100 million metric tonne reduction as total levels of production slow. This proves the reality that to fight climate change we need to significantly change our production methods or slow them. Unfortunately in an economic system that demands perpetual growth this is not an easy ask. The biggest ever work/study from home experiment. With up to 180 million Chinese students forced to stay home online learning has been put to the test. Similarly Chinese workers have been mitigating risk by staying in. Schools, universities and business online capabilities vary largely and this moment has made it clear that it is important for many to create more robust and future-proof online systems. Some companies have seen positive results and say the last few weeks have caused them to consider implementing ongoing WFH policies.

Personalised face masks to made to unmask the user by photo-printing their face. In a world with decreasing air quality and an increasing risk of other health issues these masks reduce anonymity and even ensure people can still use facial recognition to unlock their phones.

Zara Cooper


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