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Animals enjoying COVID-19

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

While the human race face fear and uncertainty, it seems that (although they might have lost a few of their own in the process) animals around the globe are making the best of a bad situation.

As fewer aircrafts and slowed production reduces pollution around the world, air quality and seemingly water quality are improving. This has given animals the chance to reclaim their environments in countries like Italy. In Venice the tourism halt has cleared murky water and fish are now visible in the cleaner, gondola-free canals. Similarly dolphins are thriving in Italian coasts and lagoons, previously a rare sight.

But the wildlife aren't the only animals enjoying the moment. As many galleries, museums and zoos close to the public, Chicago's Shedd Aquarium took the opportunity to give their residents an internal outing. Penguins were released and roamed around the zoo checking out the other animals and exhibits themselves. If this has made you lament the many years you took a zoo visit for granted, jump online to take advantage of the virtual zoo tours that are now being offered both by Australian zoos and those further afield.

Animal activists have also pointed out the win for animals at this time, who, with the closure of racing carnivals, circuses and places like Sea World, will get a break from many hotly debated practises.

Whilst times are trying and we are forced to see less of our coworkers, friends and family may we take some joy from the little wins in the animal kingdom. Better yet, if you are one of the many pet owners forced to work from home, soak up some comfort from your poorly educated but very-much-more-pat-appropriate WFH colleagues.

Zara Cooper

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