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Anti-tech tech

As we contend with the ever constant push-pull between our obsession with tech and the negative impact it has, here are some of the latest products that are trying to combat the issues it causes.

Designed as a no-frills answer to endless phone scrolling the light phone can text, call, set alarms and play music, there is a headphone jack and it can support wifi hotspotting via bluetooth. Other than that the kindle-like interface emits no blue light and is designed with basic communication needs in mind and not a lot else.

Image source: the verge

This bedside sleep device uses NFC technology to communicate with smartphones in the room to put them in rest mode. This is triggered when the user puts their phone on the charging device. At this time the Oblak device also emits a low-decibel range of sounds, and changes its lighting to encourage users to sleep.

Image source: Trendhunter

The photography app not only recreates the disposable camera aesthetic but makes users wait 24 hours to "develop" the photo. This has been created with the intention of forcing users to live in the moment, rather than waste it trying to capture it in the most perfect possible way. The app doesn't include any filters and is only either flash on or off.

As one user review explains:

"We’re all using Facetune on Instagram. It has become excessive, and at times damaging to mental health. This app allows me to enjoy life the way it should be, in the moment...

I’ve taken thousands of photos over and over again with friends.

‘Oh I don’t look my best at that angle, take it again’

These image issues aren’t able to pervade my thoughts. The full picture can only be seen later. That means I spend my time living in the moments that matter rather than ruminating on capturing the best version of it."

While the app was founded by Youtuber David Dobrik in 2019, very recent accusations against the star have caused him to step down from the company.

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These gaming glasses cater to the extended gameplay sessions that young gamers engage in. They are lightweight, block out blue light and even UV light in order to prevent eye fatigue, headaches and blurred vision. They also have anti-reflective lenses that make sure that gamers also see vivid colours on screen that are true to the gaming experience.

Image source:

Zara Cooper


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