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COVID-19, but make it fashion.

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Whilst many pack away their iron and slip on their trackpants. The fashion industry is still a part of this new world.

Some fashion labels are doing their bit simply donating to the cause. Covid-19 related charities are benefiting from brands such as Everlane or Frame are donating a percentage of their profits, or the entire profits of certain clothing lines, to related causes. It seems however that PRing these initiatives does not always go down well, especially when concurrently cutting staff roles within the business.

Other labels are directly donating their existing gear and asking customers to get involved. Shoe maker All Birds has already donated $500,000 worth of shoes to medical professionals and ask customers to buy a pair to donate another pair.

As resources run low other brands are making and donating medical attire to healthcare workers. Christian Siriano are making face masks to combat the shortages of them at present. Siriano are giving the masks to emergency and front line health care workers. There is a donation feature on their site for the public to contribute to the work they are doing. Another fashion retailer Zara is an example of another company doing good and said it is studying converting part of its textile manufacturing capacity in Spain to produce hospital gowns. Closer to home Australian brands including Cue and Nobody Denim are also in talks with the Federal Government about how they can contribute with their own charitable manufacturing efforts.

In a strange twist it is not just the traditional fashion companies that are able to help in this space. It seems that medical wear is not just work wear for doctors and nurses. Due to the reporting of a shortage of essential protective gear, medical dramas such as ABC’s Station 19 and Fox’s The Resident are donating what they normally use as props to aid medical professionals.

Steph Silberberg

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