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Dry July isn't the only month we're cutting back

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

While some stumble into July needing a break from too much drinking, the general trend toward a larger sobriety society continues to rise.

Photo by Lightscape on Unsplash

Whilst there have been spikes in the sales of non-alcoholic beverages in July and the Christmas period BWS has reported a longterm rise in this category, a 103% increase over the past 12 months. According to this WARC report COVID-19 has helped boost the already growing momentum. Whilst some have increased their drinking during the difficult lockdown periods there has been another large group trying to use the period to focus on their mental and physical health, especially without the temptation of social drinks.

Non alcoholic beer is the category favourite, both locally and in the UK, whilst no-alcohol spirits rise in popularity and 0% wine slowly picks up interest. According to the Sydney Morning Herald as at December 2019 "non-alcoholic, low-alcohol and mid-strength beers make up about 25 per cent of all CUB beer sales" as recorded in December, "the entire non-alcohol beer market in Australia was up about 50 per cent over the past year". According to the Guardian there has been a 30% leap in sales of no or low-alcohol beers since 2016. The Society of Independent Brewers in the UK recently revealed that "one in three young adults have cut down on their alcohol consumption while a record 23% are now teetotal".

As the category grows in popularity the competition in Australia is heating up! Alongside major Australian brands like Carlton Zero and Coopers Birell Ultra Light amongst the ranks of other global heavy hitters at your local, there are many other niche offerings across the categories. Sobah is a proudly Aboriginal owned beer brand, with a more indie appeal than some of the mass offerings. There is Melbourne local non-alcoholic gin brand Brunswick Aces. There are entire websites dedicated to finding local zero alcohol wine beer and spirit alternatives as well as a growing number of Australian bars (pending restrictions) that increasingly provide delicious options for those seeking a hangover-free morning.

Zara Cooper

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