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Everyday 'smart' gadgets

It all started with items that would make our lives easier such as the Robot Roomba, but now it seems there’s a ‘smart’ upgrade for most products. And if TikTok is anything to go on, it seems Gen Zs are obsessed with these smart products as accounts that show smart homes (random things in my home that just make sense)and amazon gadgets were some of the most watched videos in 2020.

I’m personally obsessed with @bestblondelife (or ‘chip girl’ to her followers) who is obsessed with tech, so much so that she has a chip inside her hand that lets her open doors and cupboards at home. Her TikTok is full of different gadgets and techy home improvements including floating plants, a beauty fridge and a VERY fancy toaster!

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took placed in January and it showcased the most innovative gadgets and breakthrough technologies. We’ve recapped some of the latest and greatest in home, beauty, and COVID gadgets.

Smart beauty YSL is taking customisation to the next level with a gadget that will mix lipsticks shades together to create your perfect custom colour. The Rouge Sur Mesure mixes the perfect shade with the colour cartridges and can even suggest colours using AI. You can even match your lip colour to your nails perfectly!

Source: Rouge Sur Mesure PHOTOGRAPH: L'OREAL If you’re worried about your mouth hygiene, the new Phillips Sonicare 9900 Prestige is the gadget for you – the toothbrush detects pressure and motion to ensure you’re not brushing too hard, and it adjusts accordingly if so. And if you’re into tracking habits, it can also give you feedback to improve your brushing technique! Do you get sick of your perfume? Ninu, showcased the latest in perfume tech with a gadget that holds three vegan scents that users can tweak to make a personalised scent based on their mood. It is all personalised via the app which features an assistant that makes suggestions.

Source: Ninu Perfume PHOTOGRAPH: NINU Snazzy homes If you’re after the latest in entertainment, LG has imaged a hidden see-through TV that sits at the end of the bed. The TV can rise partially or fully to show different features and it can move around the home as well.

Source: The Verge

And as an upgrade to the first Roomba Roboto vaccum, the Roborock S7 doubles as a vaccuum and mop. It also has sensors to detects when there’s carpet, and avoids mopping in the area. If you’re willing to drop $3k you can snap a fancy doggy door called Pet Portal – the door automatically opens when it connects with a senor on the pet’s collar. The door also has video and two way audio too.

Source: Pet Portal door. Photography: MYO, via: Wired. COVID tech We couldn’t finish a wrap up without some COVID accessories. Such as Project Hazel a smart mask that is as effective as an N95, but has a transparent front cover (so you can see your face), a built in microphone (to amplify your voice) and bacterial filtration pods (with rechargeable ventilators) to airborne particles. Another fancy mask is the AirPop Active + face mask which collects data about your breathing and connects that to air quality based on your location!

SourceL Razer via Engadget The BioButton, is a tiny gadget that sticks to your upper chest which constantly tracks your skin temperature, sleep, respiratory rate and heart rate to quickly identiy if you possibly have coronavirus – before you even notice you are sick!

Source: BioButton via The New York Times

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