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'Gen - eralisations'

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

We need to dig deeper than broad stroke mass-stereotyping that typical generation groupings offer.

The naming convention goes all the way from Gen Z back to Alpha - As 'Gen Alpha' becomes the likely name for those born between 2010-2024 experts are stereotyping this group as the most technologically advanced, best educated and impatient yet. However this article discusses the lucrative business of building meaning into generations and selling this information. It also debates how meaningful these are becoming as time moves on. The 15 year boundary that was set by the fertility boom post WWII remains the generational divider rule, regardless of other world events.

When smaller generational groupings make for much richer insights

Xennials (1977-1985) are pulled apart as a micro-generation. Many Xennials never had social media in their childhood and even their teens, typically didn't get mobile phones until their 20s and were already teenagers when the global impact of September 11 hit. When we drill down to some of the biggest cultural changes in the last century, the importance of more specific groupings becomes obvious.

Zara Cooper


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