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How ads are adjusting to a new normal

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

As Australians adjust to snap lockdowns and the country intermittently begins to “reopen”, we all navigate our way back to a new sense of normal. I don’t know about you but when someone leans in for that elusive handshake, hug or kiss on the cheek, I pause in uncertainty as the tunes of MC Hammer chime through my thoughts “U can’t touch this… ”.

So as we re-master socially distanced etiquette, ditch the zoom workouts for in-gym sweat sessions and give our Uber eats accounts a rest in favour of some much needed in-dining ‘serviced’ hospitality, a few brands are pitching themselves as the perfect partner for these new covid-normal experiences.

Below are some brands that have done it well…

Jameson Whiskey’sAnother Door Opens’ global campaign, was to support its trade partners around the world as they deal with lockdowns and prepare to reopen. In Australia the creative was supported by an activation whereby Jameson Whiskey bought customers their first round at the bar, supporting bar owners whose businesses were closed during lockdown.

Image Source: Vimeo

Whilst this emotional Google spot is about encouraging people to get vaccinated, it provides a hopeful look at post-pandemic life, encouraging people to “Get back to what they love”.

Extra gum reminds us what it feels like to get the news that restrictions are ending and captures an OTT account of consumer’s excitement to get out, get a little bit naughty and get celebrating. The "For When It's Time" ad cleverly positions the product as a must have as social distancing relaxes and people start getting closer.

Will these changed behaviours be fleeting moments before we settle back in to pre-covid life or will there be indelible impacts… Only time will tell!

Anita Day

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