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Life in the slow lane

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Lockdown or not, the world is embracing a slower and more indoor world as the pandemic continues to be felt.

Unlike lockdown life in Melbourne, much of the world has been open for some time, but that doesn't mean everyone is racing back to life as before. McKinsey recently reported that 68% of US citizens are still refraining from engaging in 'normal' out of home activities.

More platforms, resources and products are enabling us to stay in and slow down the world over.

While alcohol consumption has risen this year, so too has cannabis usage. Self-reported usage of cannabis in Australia has soared since lockdown began and medicinal usage is at an all time high (mind the pun) increasing by 40% since April. In the US sales have also climbed since people started stockpiling in March.

Brands are also tapping in to a different pace of life for consumers. Nike, synonymous with exercise and activeness recently launched their sneaker for "just doing nothing". The new sneaks are created for kicking back and have interchangeable foam footbeds, one which provides a massage like experience for wearers.

Entertainment is of course a must when locked inside, and that continues to evolve and innovate for the homebodies too. Netflix, one of the few saving graces of 2020, is trialing a 'shuffle' button. As endless scrolling is a frustration to many users, the feature likely aims to overcome this burden of choice. For those wanting specifically calming content for this trying time new platform 'Restflix'. The service streams on relaxing content for viewers looking to unwind "This includes music, soothing stories, meditation, and even dark screen videos that are specifically targeted to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety".

With tourism near dead this year, tour providers and holiday spots also continue to innovate for the in-home entertainment experience. Potentially with a better view than the real thing some 770,000 people tuned in to watch the world-famous (let's assume) penguin parade at Philip Island recently. Events such as these have continued to expand and diversify since the start of the pandemic. With a mix of free and paid tours, 'from your couch' provides video and audio tours for those looking to travel whilst staying in. If you miss the joy of receiving a post card, one theatre company, unable to hold live events, have innovated to create a six part drama, handwritten and mailed right to your door.

Before quarantine even began Americans and Europeans were reported to spend about 90% of their time indoors, or, personally that's 27 of my 30 yrs inside...So lets see what's next for the wild (read slow) world of indoor (in)activity.

Zara Cooper


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