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Love in the time of Corona

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Love, that fragile magic, it's in for a bumpy ride.

As partners face lock down this COVID season, both separately and apart, the effect on romantic relationships is yet to be seen.

For many, the pressure of so much time together in a stressful environment is a negative on the relationship. As China starts the slow return back to 'normal' the divorce rate climbed. Underlying issues are both brought to the fore and sometimes exacerbated with little room to escape hard truths. The different views and actions of a couple, specifically around the pandemic, might also create tension as they potentially reveal fundamental differences in values.

For those seeking navigation through their love lock down the experts are here to help.

Celebrity psychiatrist and relationship expert Esther Perel released a special podcast episode which focuses on the stressful relationship of an Italian medical professional couple.

For those in new relationships, it doesn't seem ideal either. As people face lockdown a decision has to be made to either separate indefinitely or move in together immediately. The quirks and aha moments about each-other are potentially sped up or heightened.

For some, hardship can bring out the best in us. Some couples interviewed who outlived the cruise ship nightmare, in even closer quarters than most, have positive accounts. Whilst quarantine can be tough or scary, it might lessen the tensions brought in by external factors or more trivial matters.

But what about the solo or those looking for love?! Platforms like Tinder and Match are trying to overcome borders and barriers. The platform that has become largely known for brief hookups returns back to a world of courtship as Tinder provides free access to it's Passport feature. Match's 'Plenty of Fish' platform on the other hand has created a live streaming feature in which people can leave comments, and if keen, potentially slide into DMs with one another. Fortunately, it seems that people are focusing on what is in their control. Whilst toilet paper sales rise, so too do sex toys, by a sexy 350%.

Whilst many relationships will be challenged throughout this time, it seems likely that the man who made world news for catching COVID-19 whilst cheating on his wife, might be in for a rougher few months than most.

Zara Cooper


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