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Pictures of a pandemic

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

A simple collection of some of the beautiful visuals borne out of this difficult time.

Mathery Studio - March 17

Kindness will keep us together - Red Cross Campaign - Rob Flowers

COVID-19 - Paul Hermes

COVID-19 - Paul Hermes

“Less than a month ago most of us had never heard of Coronavirus, now ‘Social Distancing’ and 'Self Isolation' are part of our vernacular and enforced by the government. With Stage One and Two progressing so quickly, it felt important to capture this completely alien time before we moved into Stage Three - Lock Down. Rather than adding to the doom and gloom, I wanted to create a portrait series to show a more unique perspective of how these initial regulations affect everyday Australians, and hopefully create a little solidarity.”

Mathery Studio - March 15

Spot the 7 differences - Jean Julien - March 18

Pandemic Lotería: La Mano - Rafael Gonzales Jr

The New Yorker - Under Control - Brian Stauffer, Feb 27 (published March 9)

The Guardian - Work from Hope (Internal Communications - Chris Clarke

Wondering about social distancing? (Print Version) New York Times, March 17, 2020

"White is the color of the uniforms worn by medical workers on the front lines putting their lives at risk to save others, and a blank space for future creative endeavors. “Above all: white is not surrender, but a blank sheet waiting to be written, the title page of a new story that is about to begin"

Zara Cooper

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