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Closed platforms and economies

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Our social media platforms evolved from the place where you shared an album of your holiday pics with your family and friends, to click-baity-fake-news, and influencer sponsored content. It’s too big, it’s too public and it doesn’t feel safe.

That’s why private, secret and exclusive networks are having a moment. Here’s some ways you can get exclusive:

There’s a group for that!

Are you a part of a social Facebook Group?Podcasts, book clubs, gym challenges, anything is cause for a group. Facebook wants us to be a part of these groups, they even did a Super Bowl ad about them! Groups are full of like-minded people with a similar interest to you. And if members break the Groups community rules (with abusive language or self-promotion), they are kicked out. They are a safe space where people feel more comfortable to share and interact. And a lot of people clearly think so too, with 1.4 billion people using the 10 million groups on Facebook.

This may seem scary for brands, as they may feel left out from the conversation, but as this trend gains momentum brands will just need to be smarter on how they interact.

I’ll be your friend, just pay me.

Influencers share so many aspects of their lives on social, their daily make up routine, what they had for lunch, even their political views. It can really make their followers feel like they know them, as a friend. However, it can sometimes feel like a one-way friendship and conversation. Patreon is bridging that gap and trying to create two-way conversations and connections between influencers and followers.. for a cost! Influencers can monetise access to their ‘Close Friends’ Instagram feature. For a monthly fee, members will be able to access exclusive content that their regular audience wouldn’t get access to. Similarly Twich fans donate to streamers, normally, in order to receive a shoutout. Twitter on the other hand has the service 'Only Fans' which offers users exclusive adult content for a fee.

Wanna join my cocoon?

An ex-Facebook employee has developed a new social network site, called Cocoon, which is just for your closest friends and families. It is designed like a Slack channel where you can invite members to different threads and share texts, photos, and location updates. Unlike other social networking platforms where anyone can request a follow or comment on a photo, Cocoon channels are only accessible by its members. The app’s ultimate goal is to provide support for one’s closest relationships. Without a niche interest area it will be interesting to see whether this takes off or sees a similar fate to Google Plus.

So, are you ready to be exclusive?

Sylvia Jahn

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