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Pubs are back. Let's celebrate!

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Alcohol companies celebrate the return to pubs and socialising as parts of Australia and the world return open up.

During the height of isolation in Australia, household alcohol consumption increased. However, the increase  wasn’t enough to outweigh the lack of alcohol consumption at bars, restaurants and events.

As bars, restaurant and even stadiums, start to open up, alcohol brands have been using ads to celebrate the return – even if that return may look a little different.

CUB treated the opening of pubs like an Olympic opening ceremony. The Pub Reopening Ceremony was a national pub crawl to support local pubs as they reopened. The campaign was an extension of their Love on your local campaign which saw people nominate their local pub, buy a pint and CUB would match the amount and give a free pint to the donor once the venue reopened. They raised $2 million to help recover the pub industry in Australia.

Heineken launched the ‘Zero Contant Bar’ to celebrate their alcohol-free beer. The pop-up bar was developed with Sydney Uni and was operated by two robot arms named Heidi and Ken.

Source: Concrete Playground

Emerson’s Brewing Company (NZ) launched the Tiny Pub.

The campaign hoped to celebrate what going to the pub and enjoying a beer is truly about, human connection. Dave Pearce, general manager, explains; "We have been craving the joy of uninterrupted face-to-face conversation, it’s uncomplicated and it builds an unhurried environment to properly enjoy a pint of Emerson’s – we wanted to capture that familiar feeling for Kiwis, through Tiny Pub.”

The Tiny Pub will be travelling around New Zealand and offering people a bookable 27 min slot to enjoy a one on one catch up.

As pubs reopen in the UK, Carslberg launches ‘Welcome back to the pub’. The ad follows three friends escaping mundane lockdown activities and reuniting at the pub for a pint.

And for those celebrating dry July, Carlton Zero launched a 31 can pack of their alcohol-free beer.

Sylvia Jahn


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