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Super bowl special (the ads of course, not the football)

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

With some notable exceptions, the big hitting brands are back for their annual head to head as each of them run the hard yards towards that big creative touch down (can you tell I watch ads more than sports?).

With our powers combined we have strategically deconstructed ten of the heavy weights from this years competition in order to think about what the original creative brief might have looked like.

We have also left our own quick creative review, but please, let yourself be the judge:

Amazon – “Alexa’s Body”

Insight: The power of Alexa is in its operating system, enabling developers and entrepreneurs to innovate for the next Alexa ‘home’

Get: people who own a smart device

To: consider the possibilities of the next generation in Alexa Home

By: reimagining a world where Alexa is intimately embedded in their lives.

The result: An ad so seductive it renders the ‘Skip’ button redundant.

Michalob – “All-Star Cast”

Insight: The recently booming hard seltzer category is filled with brands presenting themselves as being far better for you than they are.

Get: people who recently switched to hard seltzer as their alcoholic beverage of choice for its purity

To: shun the rest of the category and only buy Michelob

By: showing them how easily they can be fooled.

The result: A (not so) star-studded spot that’ll make you do a double take.

Vroom - “Dealership Pain”

Insight: Most people liken buying a car through a dealership to physical torture.

Get: people who dread the pressure put on them at car dealerships

To: buy their car online through Vroom

By: dramatizing the comparison.

The result: A scarily convincing case for online car shopping

Robinhood – “We’re all investors”

Insight: People think ‘investing’ is a big, scary undertaking but they actually make small ‘investments’ in themselves everyday.

Get: people who have never invested in the stock market before

To: start using Robinhood to invest

By: showing that investing is an extension of behaviour they’re already doing, not something new, confusing and scary.

The result: A questionable ad with a questionable tagline. “We are all investors”? Tell that to the folks on Reddit.

Cheetos – “It wasn’t me”

Insight: there are little things we do behind our partner's back, like bingeing the next episode while they're out or eating more than our fair share. Even though they are small and we know we will be forgiven it still feels awkward when you get caught.

Get: partners who might have been spending way too much time in each other's space recently

To: feel ok about consuming as much as they want (even when they know they should share)

By: dramatising the difference between a small and funny indiscretion and the ultimate relationship betrayal.

The result: A truly upsetting vocal performance from Ashton Kutcher. In the words of Mr Boombastic, “seein’ is believin”.

M&Ms – “Come Together”

Insight: In this increasingly frustrating world we need to try and be more empathetic and forgiving of each other.

Get: people who are feeling divided

To: share M&M’s (and little moments of kindness)

By: reminding them to see the funny side of things amongst a serious world.

The result: A short and sweet spot that’s neither terrible nor memorable.

Huggies – “Welcome to the world, baby”

Insight: To new born babies the world is a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Get: new parents who are inundated with ads telling them how to parent

To: see Huggies as a brand that has empathy for babies

By: talking to babies about their new and strange world

The result: A beautifully directed nawwww-fest with some of the best baby expressions going round.

Uber Eats – “Eat Local”

Insight: The last 12 months in the US have been full of lockdowns, distancing, conflict and even violence. Uber Eats is a small way of supporting local businesses that have taken a hit during these ‘turbulent times’.

Get: Americans who have had their fair share of bad news in the last year

To: eat local using the Uber Eats App

By: reframing Uber as the conduit to small/local business, rather than the big tech company hurting the little guy.

The result: 1 minute of nostalgia-inducing lols that’ll have people rushing to re-watch Wayne’s World. “Excellent!”

Fiverr – “Opportunity Knocks”

Insight: In turbulent times, success for businesses requires the ability to pivot and move quickly when faced with a new challenge.

Get: current and potential small business owners looking for new ways to grow in uncertain times

To: seize every moment a new challenge / opportunity arises.

By: showing them how rapidly fiverr can adapt and improve their business.

The result: A clever spot starring 2020’s small business success story, The Four Seasons. No not them. Four Seasons Total Landscaping of course.

Hellmann’s – “Fairy Godmayo”

Insight: We often give up on a fridge full of odds and ends because it’s hard to drum up inspiration.

Get: people who are time poor and aren’t naturally creative in the kitchen

To: elevate every meal with Hellmann’s mayonnaise

By: reminding them how easy it is to make any meal they throw together taste great with a bit of mayo.

The result: Confirmation that enough mayo can make anything edible.

Creative Review by: Hannah Payton

Strategically reverse-engineered by: The Planning Team (Paul Arena, Zara Cooper, Alex Wood, Hien Pham and Raph Krell)



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