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The COVID-19 elite

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

What does Corona virus look like for the really, really rich?

It seems odd that while thousands of people die around the world, and the numbers of people begging for tests increases by the day, that somehow the rich and the famous manage to test both positive and negative. People have questioned the favourable treatment of groups such as the NBA, where Rudy Gobert's early diagnosis was the catalyst for the swift shut down of the season. Critics include the New York City Mayor who tweeted about the disparity of entire teams being tested in precaution, whilst regular citizens showing all major symptoms are still being turned away.

As the economy crashes globally, the question of bailout money also creates divides between the haves and the have nots. Leaders around the world are currently assessing support funds for citizens, with Sanders proposing a $2000 monthly cheque to every American household and Scomo effectively doubling Newstart governments decide the future of society's most vulnerable. As smaller companies crumble under the weight of COVID-19 governments give billions to single corporations. Some wonder whether this could be the moment to ask more from those needing a hand. Why not use the opportunity to enact environmental guarantees from airlines, some of the worst polluters for example?

Whilst most air travel suffers hugely the rich are ensuring that the private travel industry remains strong. Charter flight requests have jumped by some 100-300%, depending on the region. These figures are made up of both existing and new passengers, both from the private and government sectors. Of course clean, regular-citizen-free flights reduce perceived risk of catching the virus, whilst also giving people the opportunity to tailor their own cushy route to safer grounds.

What are those safer grounds? It seems that some of those that can afford it are taking private doctors and nurses and flying to disaster bunkers. Remote countries like New Zealand have long been favoured by doomsday-prepping rich, who have built in advance for a generalised disaster escape. But if it exists, it exists in America, take a turn around some of the US options here.

As most people try to curb their spending in the wake of extremely uncertain economic times, the super wealthy are navigating this pandemic with some premium Corona-proofing items. A $4,995 USD emergency bag comes with items such as a virus-eliminating personal air purifier that is worn as a necklace, Preppi, the company that manufactures these bags has seen a 5000% sales increase over February. If you're not keen on that Dettol smell, no problems, when it restocks you can pick yourself up a $399USD surface sanitiser which uses technology similar to what NASA does.

In some positive news however, LVMH Moët Hennessy (the company behind major brands including Louis Vuitton, Fenty Beauty and Benefit Cosmetics) announced the closure of their perfume lines, to instead become production lines for hand sanitiser. This will be made free to the public, a heartening move from a brand that is usually reserved for society's richest.

How the other half (out) live!

Zara Cooper

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