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The COVID humour continues

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

As previously discussed 2020's coping mechanism is humour, and as time goes on, and many things get more serious, here is a list of some of the ways life is getting funnier.

Teens across the US (and possibly the world?) are looking on the bright side of wearing face masks all the time. With half their face already disguised teens are grabbing the walking sticks, a cardigan and some talc in order to buy alcohol underage.

Source: The Cut

In Japan themeparks are suggesting that patrons "scream inside their heart" whilst on thrilling rides. This is of course in order to avoid any potentially infectious particles being transmitted as a result of the old fashioned, mouth open scream. A very serious demonstration video of serious rollercoaster riders has now gone viral.

Speaking of screaming...Visit Iceland are taking a very different tact, by asking people to scream their hearts out. Their new "Looks like you need Iceland" campaign is asking people who need to let out some steam the "primal" way, to record their screams and allow Iceland to play these into their picturesque voids "For whatever rage you're feeling, there's an ideal backdrop".

A recent online comedy hit, JT Firstman strikes again, with a new series of impersonation videos. This time they include "impression of someone who doesn't wear a mask" and "impression of someone getting the covid nose swab test".

Dubbed 'Karen from Brighton' over the weekend, Tan loving Brighton resident caused a stir when she famously complained that "you get sick of walking the same streets, I've done all of Brighton". People have of course responded in creative ways. Naming it 'The Karen', one Melbourne cyclist rode the entirety of Brighton's streets (32.5km) in just under three hours. With material so fertile, we are bound to see more creative responses pop up.

While we all (potentially continue to) fall victim to the various rumours surrounding the potential stage 4 lockdown, the meme makers have been busy prepping. As further restrictions would mean the closure of coffee shops, you can be assured Melbourne and it's people are pre-emptively getting a "roasting" : )

So whether you're laughing out loud or simply smizing from behind the mask, continue to give yourself space to enjoy the little things.

Zara Cooper


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