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The latest in internet slang

When we were introduced to online chat with ICQ, IRC, MSN Messenger, there was a secret internet slang - a way of talking that only those who used the platform would understand. It was our secret code, a way of talking that was popularised by the frequency of it.

LOL - laughing out loud

ROFLMAO - rolling on floor laughing my ass off

AFK - away from keyboard

YOLO - You only live once

Fast forward to 2021, we’re still in a pandemic and half of what my nieces and nephews talk to and share I still can’t figure out - it’s like they have an inside joke between friends that I don't understand. They are the mobile first generation, impressed by influencers, their heroes are the internet stars and creators they stream on repeat. So here it is, a list of the latest terms in internet terms I’ve learn in the last few weeks waiting for brands to jump to “Hijack” so a marketing associate can get browny points for being relevant and making the brand mean something in culture.

No Cap

Cap refers to lying, while no cap means telling the truth.

So popular, a duo have created their own myth busters series called Fact or Cap which looks to explore if any of the internet videos we see is taking the mickey out us.


Shock, excitement or surprise. Sheesh has been used over 600million times on Tik Tok to express how you feel in exaggerated terms.

Like brands, this time musicians are the ones looking to capitalise on culture - creating tracks that people share and remix to become famous.


Cheugy means something that’s off-trend. It’s used in millennial fashion and style.


  • Disney Adulting

  • Tiny Cardigans

  • AirPods with string (Headphones with strings)

And a couple more terms that have been popularised in the last year or so ICYMI

well, actually speaking of in case you missed it..

Sleeping on

When you've not payed attention to/noticed something or someone. "You're sleeping on Mare of Easttown come on I want to talk about it with you"


Someone who seems overly into or does way too much for something they like, often in the hopes of a sexual response.

All of these new slangs has got me realising my fleeting youth.

Marketing Associate *Still trying to hijack culture*

(aka Hien Pham)


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