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Keen for green travel?

As the borders creep open and the laws start allowing us to travel freely across the globe there is a key focus on how to make travel more environmentally friendly.

Anyone in Melbourne or Sydney in particular will be FANGING for a holiday. But as the pandemic let the world heal momentarily people are considering the hugely negative impacts travel can have on our environment. Brands are coming up with solutions to help lighten the load or shrink the baggage.

Wild Nectar is a premium travel brand specialising in curated sustainable travel experiences. The company covers locations ranging from Africa to the Antarctic and all the hot (and cold!) spots. Within each itinerary potential customers can see the different elements of positive impact that the company has outlined. As an example those keen on an Alaskan adventure can get excited about more than just the glaciers or the whale watching but know that food, conservation and waste has been mindfully considered by the organisers too.

A British company that is reimagining train travel with 100% electric train travel that is also affordable. As trains in Europe are such a realistic way to travel the brand are encouraging their much greener option, as they put it "Did you know that flights between Edinburgh and London represent over 50% of all domestic flights in the UK and are over 6 times more polluting than our electric trains?". The brand certainly speaks in the language of a challenger brand and hope to shake things up in a number of ways. Comfort, well-being and good customer service are all elements that they're going after as well as a menu that is at least 50% plant based.

Aribnb is looking at sustainable travel fashion by partnering up with UK based sustainability-stylist Rotaro. On the Airbnb platform guests can book a consultation to learn how to leave no trace when it comes to their vacation-wear (and what they wear in general). The experience costs a mere $28 per person and has since sold out but the 45 minute session should help attendees:

- Change the way you shop and get dressed forever

- Learn about the effects of the fashion industry on the planet

- Learn about the exciting sustainable fashion solutions available to you

- Learn how you can dress more sustainably

- Discover exclusive emerging, sustainable brands to rent

- Explore your personal style

- Rent your summer wardrobe for your holiday

- Leave feeling inspired and connected to the planet

Even if you're only traveling within your suburb or moving around the World Wide Web Google has a number of new initiatives that can make that greener and cleaner too.

Flights: When searching for flights through Google, users will now be able to see the carbon dioxide emissions associated with each flight. They’ll even be able to see how their seat choice affects their individual carbon footprint. Taking a seat in business or first class increases the amount of pollution you’re responsible for, since they take up more space and therefore a larger share of the plane’s emissions.

Maps: People in the US can see which driving routes are the most fuel-efficient when using Google Maps. Fuel efficiency cuts down on both gas costs and tailpipe pollution. When the most fuel-efficient route is also the fastest, Google Maps will default to that option. If the fuel-efficient route is slower, the app will show users their options so that they can make an educated decision on which to choose. Users in Europe will be able to do the same starting in 2022, according to Google.

Search: Sometime this month, Google plans to switch up the way results for “climate change” appear in its Search platform. Users will be led to a dedicated results page with “high quality climate-related information,” according to Google. It plans to source content from reputable authorities on the subject, including the United Nations.

So wherever you're off to...have fun and tread lightly!

Zara Cooper


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