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Cycling is the new walking

2020 pushed a lot of people to re-evaluate a lot of aspects of their daily lives – and one of the areas is commuting. As there’s been fear for sharing an environment with strangers, people move to cycling to get around. Businesses are capitalising from this shift and the government is enabling it and encouraging it.

Source: Unsplash Photo by Murillo de Paula

Bikes are trending

Although interest in bikes has been growing steadily over the last few years, there was a significant peak at the start of covid in Australia that has remained. Electric bikes have also seen a huge surge over the last couple of months, especially for those that want to ride to work but don’t want to break a sweat. However, the increase in demand is not being met with

JUMP on an e-bike

In Victoria, you may remember the governments blue bikes, that seemed like a good idea at the time, but failed due to lack of use. Then in 2018, Singaporean brand oBike had a crack at the bike share market in Melbourne but the bikes were left in trees and rivers and as a result of the vandalism, left the market. However, if anyone can succeed where others may have failed, it will be Uber with the help of Lime. Uber Jump, will be launching in March 2020 and will be accessible to users through the Uber App, already removing a barrier to entry for users as they may already have the Uber App. The electric bikes come with helmets and are battery powered and running at 45 cents per min, is a great option for those hoping to avoid driving or PTing to work. They also weigh around 30kgs, making it hard to throw in the river! The scheme is being supported by the City of Port Phillip, City of Melbourne and City of Yarra councils.

Image – Source: The Age

VIC Government releases new bike network maps

Since 2014 the VIC government has been upgrading the cycle paths around the city, and a lot are soon to be completed. The new network aims to link up suburbs with the city and key employment, education, health and recreation precincts. The network is also being designed so that the routes have an increased level of safety – particularly for those worried about traffic. The routes will also be integrated to public transport and stations to ensure the whole network works together and it's easier to get around.

Image – Source: Bicycle Network

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