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Big tech go after electric cars

As global laws change toward greener manufacturing, big tech joins the big auto brands in the race to make the best electric vehicles.

Image Source: Wired

Tesla may be the name you think of when it comes to electric cars, but as many of the existing car companies innovate towards electric, the tech companies that keep diversifying are making no exception here.

Bezos continues his quest toward world domination with Ford and Amazon partnering with EV start up Rivian. The collaboration is setting its sights on the off-roading world with the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV. With the top of the range option containing a large 180kWh battery the range is said to be at an impressive 675km. Prices are expected to start at around £55,000 (or around £100,000 AUD) for the pickup truck.

It seems that Apple and Hyundai are collaborating to develop a self-driving electric vehicle. The two companies are looking to sign a deal in March which could have them with a beta version as early as 2022. According to Reuters mass production could begin by 2024 with the plan to create the capacity for around 100,000 vehicles to be made in the US that year.

Chinese search engine giant Baidu recently announced their partnership with Chinese auto manufacturer Geely. Geely owns brands including Volvo and Lotus, but this next development will be in the electric space, and likely include autonomous driving as well; “We believe that by combining Baidu’s expertise in smart transportation, connected vehicles and autonomous driving with Geely’s expertise as a leading automobile and EV manufacturer, the new partnership will pave the way for future passenger vehicles".

Other recent Chinese internet company moves into EVs include Alibaba and SAIC, as well as Rideshare company Didi coming together with EV maker BYD to create a model for ride-sharing.

While it seems as though the more traditional car companies have a growing competitor in big tech, charts like the moving one found in this CNN article still predict a future where the automakers lead the EV race.

Zara Cooper



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