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Augmented Shopping

Brands are getting in to AR to provide new experiences for customers within their owned channels.


As part of a Christmas campaign where Walmart is trying to better emotionally connect with customers the brand is launching a first-to-market facial recognition tool. This approach will let customers browse their product range online while monitoring their emotional response via the customer's camera. The AR lens will that let the customer know which products spark joy for them. The lens has a direct link to take the customer then through to shop those items.


Carmaker VW has created a virtual driving experience for select Amazon customers in the US. To promote the release of the 2022 Taos SUV the auto brand will include QR codes on certain Amazon packages and if a customer scans this it will allow them to take a virtual drive, add sounds along the way and record these virtual journeys to unlock 3 free months of Amazon music unlimited.


Snapchat has debuted the 'Snap Holiday Market' within the platform for immersive experiences from 6 partners: Amazon Prime Video, Coca-Cola, Under Armour, Verizon and Walmart. These will all include a virtual store environment that is custom built for each brand and allow users to browse products and access holiday deals.

Other brands will also partner with Snapchat to use lenses to let customers virtually try on their products through AR. This includes the likes of Dior, Shein, NYX and Fendi to name a few.


With the announcement that Amazon will be opening brick and mortar retail stores (no pie this brand won't put their finger in) there are rumours that the brand will use this space to allow people to test their tech products. One of their rumoured launches within this is their black mirror, I mean patented mirror technology irl. The patent is a virtual dressing room which allows users to virtually try on clothes. As Engadget put it "Using mirrors, screens, displays, projectors and cameras, the system is able to combine a person's likeness with virtual images and present a blended-reality reflection that shows them in a variety of virtual background settings and wearing virtual outfits."

Zara Cooper



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