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A few key themes this Christmas (advert) season

Unlike the Covid pause on the Christmas ads of 2020, this year the festive ads are coming in hard and fast. We have taken the task of rounding up a few key themes across the bunch.


Sainsbury's - A Christmas to Savour

Set to "At Last" - this years slow motion Christmas ad from Sainsbury's takes the viewer on a very visual, slow motion journey of a Christmas lunch - focusing in on all the moments, and of course Sainsbury's products that are included on the special day.

Tesco - This Christmas, Nothing's Stopping Us

With another huge track behind it, the UK's other biggest supermarket brand went on a slightly different take of the same thing - by dramatising all the little things that could go wrong but the determination to get through them and make Christmas (finally) happen this time round.

Debenham's - Christmas like never before

The department store uses poetry to dramatise what has been missed recently but lifts to a cheerful message around all the good stuff we can focus on this year.


MYER - Unriddle Christmas

Joy to the world gets a re-write in Myer's latest Christmas ad that cleverly positions Myer as the department store destination for bright ideas.

ALDI UK - A Christmas Carrot

ALDI UK have a new take on the Dickens classic with this adorable food-based visual poem,


John Lewis - Unexpected Guest

Famed for their big Christmas ads this year's John Lewis ad tells the story of a little boy and an other-wordly relationship. I would have liked to seen a baby Drew Barrymore myself but there's always next year.

McDonald's - Imaginary Iggy

Celebrating the joy of youth and its friendships (real or otherwise) - and if you have something in your eye, same.

Coca Cola - Real Magic

From the people that brought you Santa's red suit...Coca Cola has this year opened happiness on a new apartment block - communicating the message that the real magic of Christmas is within all of us (a sentence as sickly sweet as the drink itself).


Vodafone Hungary - We Can Break the Silence

Focusing on the lonely at a time that celebrates togetherness. A great way to get some tears out for the day.

Etsy - Give More Than a Gift - Our Santa

Cleverly celebrating what makes Etsy and the creator marketplace so great Etsy focuses on the representation issues of a typically 'white Christmas'.

O2 - We're Better Connected

A beautifully animated work, this years TVC from O2 shines a light on the issue of data poverty at Christmas - and the fact that so many people can't afford what's needed in order to connect with their loved ones over the holidays. They are also not the only UK telecommunications brand to make a Christmas ad about this issue.


ALDI - You Can't Overcook Christmas

My personal favourite this year; ALDI's 'Good, Different' brand platform really bringing the goods (and the differents) with one song that doesn't feel too Christmassy. ALDI nails the customer benefit of low priced goods at Christmas time.

Waitrose - Best Bit of Christmas

The fancy UK supermarket grocery chain pushes the pure power of delicious food at Christmas, removing the potential heart of a Christmas ad and focusing simply on what really makes Christmas great.

Zara Cooper

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