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Environmental education

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

As the fashion industry starts to show signs of an increase in conscious consumption and companies are being held more accountable for their sustainability measures, some brands are creating interesting ways to educate consumers on the topic.

Offering shoes created with plastic waste, Adidas used their flagship Paris store to showcase a related AR experience. In store or from an app customers could virtually see the impact of plastic on the oceans, and could see a virtual whale swim by collecting rubbish.

Chanel is set to host an immersive experience to showcase it's sustainable botanical ingredients used in their skincare products. Their labs in Madagascar and the French alps have been studying ingredients that have been long overlooked. The exhibition will take place next to the royal garden of botanical plants, created by Louis XIII some 400 years ago.

Mini created a sustainability-themed educational tour throughout Singapore's Chinatown district to celebrate the launch of their new Mini E Electric. Minimal fuel is a part of Mini's DNA, as the brand was created during the Suez crisis which limited the availability of oil and fuel. Mini's were created to guzzle less petrol and today, as fully electric vehicles the brand is showing customers how to be more green in the other elements of their daily lives, beyond transport.

Zara Cooper

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