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What's ha.ippening now?

Updated: Aug 28

With an ever-increasing flow of new applications for artificial intelligence we take a look at a couple of the recent releases to pique our interest.

Botnet - the social media platform that gets rid of your annoying aunt, and, also, every other person. The new people-free social media platform botnet allows users to buy bot audiences as they post into an ether of unreal users. The demand for such a service poses the question of what will count as a fulfilling interaction as tech continues to evolve. If artificial intelligence becomes as emotionally intelligent as humans, will the response from A.I and the response from a person provide the same validation?

Will neural networks of the future change the way we look at the past?

Several neural networks convert an old-timey, low framerate, black and white video from 1911 into 4K, 60fps, colourised.

This clip has been slowed down from its original rate of between 16-18 frames per second. It has also used A.I that has been trained on converting black and white images to colour ones. A lot of fit, overdressed people freaked out by the camera!

Zara Cooper


We stand in footsteps millennia old, may we acknowledge all traditional owners of this great brown land both past and present.