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Companies getting it right, and wrong

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

No one has experienced anything like COVID-19 before, which means that a lot of businesses are having to adapt quickly to changes. Some have directed their efforts to support their customers and community, whilst others have approached it the wrong way – trying to take advantage of the situation or using the complete wrong tone. Here’s a list of the good and the bad.

The good list

Some companies are using their physical assets and expertise to help with the crisis. 

There are also some brands providing support for the community.

The naughty list

  • The Malaysian government rolled out a tone-deaf campaign on how to prevent domestic violence since the country has gone into partial lock down. The series of online posters included tips like remembering to still put on make-up, not to nag their husbands and not being sarcastic when asking help with chores. The campaign has now been pulled.

Sylvia Jahn

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