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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

In response to global self-isolation, the entertainment industry is quickly finding new ways to reach customers in their homes.

Art prevails from afar. After closing its doors this week, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) has made several online galleries, virtual exhibitions and eBooks available online, free of charge. While the gallery had started digitising its catalogue six years ago, director Tony Ellwood promises to make #NGVEveryDay possible from the comfort of our couches.

More time, more film and TV! Netflix has launched Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that synchronises video playback across multiple accounts and adds a group chat feature to the streaming service. Now, you can binge your all of our favourite Netflix shows with your friends while properly practicing social distancing. With blockbuster releases being fast-tracked to service, there’s plenty to choose from.

American Drag Queen Biqtch Puddiń is hosting Digital Drag, a Twitch-streamed drag extravaganza that is helping to bring the drag show into your living room. Not only is this an opportunity to enjoy a live lip-sync from our couch, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to tip these performers while quarantine puts them out of work. Similarly, bands like Code Orange are turning to similar live-streaming platforms to broadcast their shows.

The popularity of gaming is pushed to even greater popularity! With more and more major sporting events being cancelled or postponed every day, video games like League of Legends have doubled in popularity. It seems Esports are amoung the best equipped to fill the void, with several developers taking their tournaments online.

While this is surely one of the most unprecedented times in modern history, our regular sources of entertainment continue to adapt in order to keep our spirits in check.

Liam Jenkins

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