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Social Media's Impact on our eating continues to grow

As long as social media has existed so has the perfectly captured breakfast. But this trend is only intensifying. While the year that has been was made up of lot less IRL socialising this actually led to a lot of people focusing a lot more on their meals. Social media served as inspiration for iso-cooking-creations.

A new Waitrose & Partners Food and Drink Report found a few crazy stats on our relationship with food and social media.

27% of 18-24yr olds post food pictures daily
28% of respondents look at social media for food inspiration
#homecooking on TikTok has 5.8bn views
12 million TikTok users have watched this viral recipe:

And platforms just keep strengthening the interplay between our social feed and our, well, feed feed:

Snapchat now has 'Food Scan' which allows users to scan ingreadients and receive recipe inspiration in response:

Pinterest has also recently introduced a vertical video feed as well as 'Idea Pins' aimed at creators who want to tell their stories using video, music, creative editing tools and more. This of course also lends itself to recipe Inspo and adds the ability to categorise/store videos in a format that TikTok doesn't yet provide.

Eat, tweet, repeat.

Zara Cooper

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