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The younger vote

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Young people traditionally under-utilise their democratic power. Here's how people and organisations are trying to make voting cool before it's too late.

In the upcoming US presidential election Millenials and Gen Z make up a huge 37% of the 2020 electorate. The US however, has one of the lowest rates of youth voter turnout of anywhere in the world, and in the 2016 Election only 43% of eligible voters between 18-29 years old voted.

With a highly controversial President in power and one of the most politically charged years in recent history it is no wonder that there is a push to get young people voting:



- More than 1 million voters have registered to vote via Snapchat. This is highly significant as more than 80% of these are younger than 30 and more than half are first time voters. They have also released a miniseries on the platform called "Good Luck Voter" attempting to encourage registration with guests including Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Snoop Dogg . Of course they have also rolled out political augmented reality filters, stickers and lenses.

Image Souce:


- Amid Trump trying to ban the platform in the US, TikTok has partnered with relevant political companies to create an in-app US Election Guide for users. Users like Claudia Conway, who now has 1.3 million followers on the platform, likely furthering Trump's dislike.


- Wanting to date someone with similar beliefs? Bumble and OkCupid let users digitally don an "I Voted" badge. Bumble is partnering with 'I am a Voter' a campaign encouraging voting, OkCupid is working with Michelle Obama initiative 'When We All Vote'. Tinder also provided users the ability to swipe through and register to vote through the app.

Image Source: NYPost


Who wants an event without merch?? A red truckers cap was the iconic item of the 2016 US Election but what's on offer this year?

To name a few:

- 19 of America's top designers came together to create a range for Joe Biden's

'Believe in Better' campaign.

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- Although unofficial the MAGA slogan has now transformed into "Keep America Great", protect yourself from sun and fake news with this new and revised hat.

- American Eagle launched both a customisable "this is our time" shirt as well as creating a 'Vote 2020 Action Centre' where staff and customers can register to vote, receive election reminders and find further resources.

- Levi's has released a 'Vote' collection which includes T's, denim jackets and totes.

- Michael Kors has a 'Your Voice Matters' range, including a T-shirt and sweater with 100% of sales going to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

- Last, but probably most provocatively Patagonia, who are of course highly political, particularly in their environmental stance which does not align with the current Republican one, have made a statement on their garment tags. And yes, it is real.


Celebrities are coming out in force to encourage voters this election. Here are just a few of the heaver hitters, many with larger followings than Trump and/or Biden:


Taylor Swift:


Hailey Bieber:

Zara Cooper


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